Sustainability Statement:



  • Our planet is challenged so we work hard to make ourselves self-sufficient with our own vegetables.  We have a mix of permaculture and Hügelkultur growing beds.  We make our own compost and leaf mould



  • Composting – we compost grass cuttings, garden waste and all our organic waste from the kitchen.  We put the peelings from our own vegetables back into our permaculture and Hügelkultur growing systems.

  • Toilet waste goes into a Septic tank in the field.



  • We reuse plastic pots for growing seedlings and plants.

  • Bottles and tins are taken to the local recycling centre as no collection is made from our remote location.

  • Egg boxes are used for fire lighters for the wood burners or for seed germination as we can keep them damp.

  • Toilet roll centres are used to put bean seeds in to germinate.  When the seedlings are planted out in the permaculture/Hügelkultur beds, the bottom of the plant is protected from pests by the cardboard tube.

  • Paper and cardboard are used for fire lighting and composting.


  • Water comes from a spring source on the hill above the house.  It is then filtered by our water purification system and then given a UV zap.  We do not add any chemicals.  The water is tested annually and certified for consumption.


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Beckfoot Retreat, Ennerdale,

Lake District National Park, CA23 3AU

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